Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Max Hoffman's post on Daytona 500

New Track Ready to Race in Daytona

Construction completed in 1959, Daytona International Speedway is an icon to race fans today. While it may be one of the more prestigious races of all time, the track at Daytona hasn’t been repaved since Jimmy Carter was president in 1978. The age of the course began to cause major problems as cracks easily formed under stress. I’m sure you all remember when the race last year was red flagged for over two hours while crew attempted to fill in a missing piece of track.
        Finally Daytona got a long needed repaving and just in time for the 2011 race season. Finishing up the four layers of asphalt, the track was done ahead of schedule and cleared for testing. After a two day session of tire testing, drivers were upbeat about new course conditions. The only complaints were about sections of asphalt that had been ground down to smooth out the road surface
        The Dayton 500 is just a few week away now and the anticipation is building. With an entirely new track from the base up this may one of the best openings to the points race ever.

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